Banknote Counter Model US-2800MG
- Precisely count and automatic UV+MG detect banknotes 
- Countings: normal, batch, addition, and batch+addition
- Automatic or manual start selectable functions
- Automatic set default and stop
- Automatic detections for error, incomplete batch, double-notes, and half-notes
- Automatic self-examination with warnings
- Durable chassis with retractable carrying handle
- Complete with an external customer display

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm.) WxDxH   248x295x182
Net / Gross Weight  5.6 / 6.6 kg.
Countable Size (mm.) 100x50-190x90
Hopper Capacity 200pcs.(max.)
Stacker Capacity 200pcs.(max.)
Counting Speed  1000pcs./min.
Power Supply  220V. 50Hz.
Power Consumption   70W (max.)
Automatic Detection UV+MG
Display Type LED
Batch Quantity 1~999
Counting Display 4 digits
Batch Display 3 digits
External Display LED 4 digits


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